Gangs of Sherwood Review

Gangs of Sherwood takes players on a thrilling journey through a unique blend of traditional and futuristic elements set in the version of Middle Ages Nottingham. This intriguing mix creates a setting that is both familiar and fresh, offering a new take on the beloved Robin Hood folklore

A Steampunk Adventure

Gangs of Sherwood presents players with an enjoyable and immersive steampunk-themed narrative that adds depth and excitement to the gameplay. As players embark on this adventure as Robin Hood’s gang, they find themselves in a world where medieval traditions intertwine with futuristic technology.

The game sets the stage by pitting the player against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, who has taken control of the city and oppressed its inhabitants. It is up to Robin Hood and his gang to fight back, defend the innocent, and ultimately save the day. This classic tale of heroism and justice is given a fresh twist through the incorporation of steampunk elements, which infuse the story with a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Additionally, the dialogue in Gangs of Sherwood leaves much to be desired. The quips delivered by characters during gameplay often fall flat or come across as forced attempts at humor. This detracts from the overall immersion in the game’s narrative, making it difficult for players to fully engage with the story.

The steampunk theme adds a unique blend of medieval and cyberpunk elements to Gangs of Sherwood’s narrative. Players will encounter towering clockwork structures, steam-powered machinery, and an array of gadgets that enhance their abilities. This fusion creates a visually stunning world that feels both familiar and otherworldly at the same time.

Mixed Design Decisions

Gangs of Sherwood presents players with a mixed bag of design decisions that elicit both appreciation and befuddlement. On one hand, the game showcases stunning visuals with a blend of dark misery and vibrant neon colors, creating a visually striking world. However, this tonal mismatch can sometimes be jarring, pulling players out of the immersive experience.

Another aspect that leaves something to be desired is the length of the levels. While they are visually appealing and well-crafted, they tend to be short and repetitive. This can lead to a sense of monotony as players progress through the game, craving more variety and depth in their gameplay experience.

Not everything is fine

One area where Gangs of Sherwood falls short is its combat system. The mechanics feel messy and imprecise, lacking the fluidity and responsiveness expected from an action-oriented game. Players may find themselves frustrated by clunky controls and inconsistent hit detection, which can hinder their enjoyment of the combat encounters.

Furthermore, there is a lack of depth in the combat system itself. While each character has their own unique abilities, these abilities do not offer enough variation or strategic depth to keep players engaged in the long run. The combat quickly becomes repetitive and lacks the complexity needed to provide a truly satisfying gameplay experience.

Technical Chops but Lack of Enjoyment

While Gangs of Sherwood showcases technical prowess in terms of its visuals and overall presentation, it ultimately falls short when it comes to providing an enjoyable gaming experience. The game’s graphics are impressive, with detailed environments and stunning character designs. However, these technical achievements do not compensate for the lack of enjoyment players may experience due to the flawed combat system and repetitive gameplay.

Gangs of Sherwood on Steam Deck

I played the pre-release version of Gangs of Sherwood on Steam Deck and in general the game as such works acceptably. On the lowest details there are occasional drops below 30 FPS, especially when we see flames in the background. Nevertheless, as much as possible it can be played pleasantly. There is full support for the gamepad and saving of gameplay progress in the cloud.

Final Verdict: A Unique but Flawed Experience

In conclusion, Gangs of Sherwood offers a unique blend of traditional and futuristic elements that create an intriguing world for players to explore. The gameplay provides a nostalgic experience reminiscent of co-op games from the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 era, allowing players to team up with friends and take on exciting challenges together. However, despite its strengths, the game falls short in several areas.

The flawed combat mechanics and design choices hinder the overall enjoyment of the game. The imprecise combat system and lack of depth in gameplay mechanics can lead to frustration and repetitive encounters. Additionally, some design decisions, such as the tonal mismatch between dark misery and vibrant neon colors, can be jarring and disrupt the immersion.

While Gangs of Sherwood showcases technical prowess with its stunning visuals and detailed environments, it ultimately fails to deliver as a satisfying action title due to these flaws. Despite its unique blend of traditional and futuristic elements, the game’s shortcomings prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Overall, Gangs of Sherwood is an interesting concept that falls short in execution. It may appeal to those seeking a nostalgic co-op experience or fans of steampunk aesthetics, but it is important to consider the game’s flaws before diving into this adventure.

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