Maximizing Steam Deck with Decky Loader: A Deep Dive into Plugins and Their Capabilities

The Steam Deck, a powerful and feature-rich handheld gaming PC, offers users the flexibility to tailor their gaming experiences. From customizing resolutions and framerates to managing battery consumption, the device is a gamer’s dream. But what if you could take customization to the next level? Enter Decky Loader, a homebrew install that allows users to […]

7 mins read

Play unsupported games and use the highest graphics settings with ray tracing on Steam Deck using NVIDIA GeForce NOW

Thanks to Nvidia’s kindness, I was given the opportunity to test the most advanced technology for cloud gaming, GeForce Now. Of course, the first thing I tested was its performance on Steam Deck. Unfortunately, there is no official app yet, and the unofficial versions are not very good. They have problems with image scaling and […]

11 mins read

Need for Speed: Underground 2 on Steam Deck with ready to play graphics overhaul mod pack

I have compiled a selection of mods for Need for Speed Underground 2 ready for installation on Steam Deck. They significantly improve the visuals, add widescreen and gamepad support, while being very vanilla-friendly. Full guide and download link in below. BEFORE WE START To get the game working properly, you need ‘clean’ files OF Need […]

2 mins read