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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Steam Deck – perfect settings, 60FPS, no graphics flickering!
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The Callisto Protocol on Steam Deck – review best graphics settings

Despite experiencing a rocky start, The Callisto Protocol has greatly improved – check out how it works on Steam Deck today. The Callisto Protocol on …

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Chained Echoes is perfect on Steam Deck

Chained Echoes, the highly anticipated story-driven JRPG has finally arrived and it’s everything fans have been hoping for and more. And it’s perfect on Steam …

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Ghostwire: Tokyo should not have a “playable” status on Steam Deck

According to Valve’s claim, Ghostwire: Tokyo should run properly on the default settings on Steam Deck, but regardless of the graphics presets, it is impossible …

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The Knight Witch – Steam Deck Review

The Knight Witch is a new metroidvania action-adventure game that was released on Steam on November 29, 2022. The game features fast-paced shoot ’em up …

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The best settings for Need for Speed: Unbound on Steam Deck – no more crashing and stuttering!

After several hours of playing, I made the best graphics settings for Need for Speed: Unbound on Steam Deck. Solid performance, nice visuals- no more …

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Surprise! Need for Speed Unbound is playable on Steam Deck with Proton Experimental!

Need for Speed: Unbound has an unsupported status on Steam Deck, but after setting Proton Experimental, the game works fine! I haven’t had a chance …

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Cyberpunk 2077 has finally received official support for AMD FSR 2. How does it work on Steam Deck?

It took us a long time to wait for the official update to Cyberpunk 2077 adding support for AMD FSR 2, but it has finally …

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SIGNALIS on Steam Deck – love letter to Silent Hill fans

SIGNALIS is a new indie horror game that pays homage to one of the most essential horror series in gaming history, like Silent Hill and …

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First look at Lost Eidolons on Steam Deck

Let’s take a look at Lost Eidolons on Steam Deck – a turn-based tactical RPG heavily inspired by the the Nintendo exclusive Fire Emblem series. The …

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Trifox on Steam Deck – a beautiful and charming action-adventure game

Trifox, a colorful action-adventure featuring a friendly fox who had his TV remote stolen debuts on Steam tomorrow. Although Trifox looks heavily inspired by a …

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