You can play Immortal: Fenix Rising natively on Steam Deck if you have Xbox Game Pass! (PC/Ultimate)

Immortal: Fenix Rising just debuted on Xbox Game Pass and is one of the few titles from this rich library that can be launched natively on Steam Deck!

If you have an active:

  • Xbox Gamepass Ultimate
  • PC Gamepass

you can play Ubisoft games natively on Steam Deck!

Medium graphic preset with 85% resolution scale.

How to start? From the Xbox app on PC, add the Immortal: Fenix Rising to Ubisoft Connect. Now you can play this game on any system!

To play Immortal: Fenix Rising on Steam Deck you can install Ubisoft Connect manually as a non-steam game or use the Lutris app for simplicity. You can find the Lutris app in the Discover Store.

Remember that Immortal: Fenix Rising has a full cross-save – even with consoles!

To fix crashing on startup just disable in-game overlay in UBISOFT CONNECT general settings.

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