Steam Summer Sale 2022 – forgotten gems playable on Steam Deck

First Steam Summer Sale after the release of Steam Deck is the best way to fill your library with some great games. Here are some discounted titles that have been forgotten by most gamers.

Binary Domain (2012) $1.59 at -80%

Binary Domain is a Gears of War-style cover shooter with a bit of humor and a more sci-fi story. Intense combat with robot enemies and huge bosses. It’s far from perfect, but It’s a really nice and still pretty fresh game. Works good on Steam Deck – pretty solid 60FPS at native resolution with medium settings. Config menu works only with touch screen. In Input settings change key bindings to Xbox Controller.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered (original version 2009, remastered 2019) $3.12 at -75%

One of the most enjoyable licensed games. Lots of action, interesting storyline, still pleasant visuals. Ghostbusters works just great on Steam Deck. Turn off the 30FPS limit in graphics settings.

HUNTDOWN (2021) $6.79 at -66%

Intense run-and-gun indie game with beautiful hand crafted pixel art style. Works great out of the box.

ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West (2013) $2.99 at -85%

A forgotten production from Ninja Theory. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is an action-adventure game with a good story and unique setting. Low difficulty, linear gameplay and a lot of old-style platform jumping.

LEGO City Undercover (2017) $3.99 at -80%

A surprisingly effective combination of Lego and GTA-like gameplay. An interesting, quite complex and humorous action game not only for the youngest players.

Gujian 3 (2018) $8.99 at -70%

A (j)RPG game made in China with an interesting storyline, unique visuals and fast-paced action. If you like linear games heavily focused on action in an exotic setting then you should like it. To make controller work correctly go to Options/Preferences and set Control Mode to Gamepad. WARNING: The game requires a constant connection to the Internet even though it’s single player.

Singularity (2010) $7.49 at -75%

Singularity is a first-person shooter game developed by Raven Software with unique time manipulation mechanism. The game has a surprisingly heavy and interesting storyline with horror elements.

There is no gamepad support, but the default layout works great and replicates the controls from the Xbox 360 perfectly. You can even enable aim assist in the settings.

Performance on Steam Deck is excellent – 60FPS at max graphics settings.

The Darkness II (2012) $5.99 at -80%

Another unique production in this list. The Darkness II is an intense first person shooter that delivers a twisted narrative of tragedy, modern crime drama, and supernatural horror with lots of gore. Close to perfect 50FPS on Steam Deck at default settings. Valve warns that there are problems with with controller detection, but I have not been able to reproduce this. The game works perfectly from the first launch.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (2009) $1.99 at -80%

Game has unsupported status, but plays great with some tweaks. Call of Juarez Bound in Blood starts up fine, only sound in the intro stutters a bit. Set maximum graphics details and 1280×800 resolution. In the Controls menu, enable the Xbox 360 controller and under Steam settings, change the layout to Gamepad with Joystick Trackpad.

Despite the many years, this game still plays pretty fine and look really good. It’s a very enjoyable linear FPS in the Wild West with bullet time and a cover system mechanics. The story is cliché, the enemy AI is dumb, but it has a lot of atmosphere and nice shooting. Worth a try!

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