Jagged Alliance 3 Review – Exploring Tactical RPG Mastery

Jagged Alliance 3 marks a triumphant return to the cherished tactical strategy genre, reviving the legacy of its predecessors while introducing a plethora of modern enhancements. Set against the backdrop of a turbulent fictional country teetering on the brink of chaos, players are tasked with assembling a diverse team of mercenaries, each with their own […]

7 mins read

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – A Deep Dive into Night City’s Espionage

In the vast world of role-playing games, CD Projekt Red’s “Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty” emerges as a beacon of narrative excellence, blending the gritty ambiance of Night City with a riveting spy-thriller plotline. While the base game “Cyberpunk 2077” set the stage with its intricate world-building and character-driven stories, “Phantom Liberty” elevates the experience, introducing […]

6 mins read

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Steam Deck – Game Review

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a recent offering from Gun Interactive and Sumo Digital, dives into the asymmetrical horror genre, drawing inspiration from the iconic 1974 horror film. The game’s release comes with a mix of anticipation and skepticism, given the challenges and expectations associated with adapting such a renowned horror classic. The Texas Chain […]

8 mins read

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) Mod Pack – Graphics Overhaul for Steam Deck and PC [updated]

I have compiled a selection of mods for Need for Speed Most Wanted ready for installation on Steam Deck. They significantly improve the visuals, add widescreen and gamepad support, while being very vanilla-friendly. Full guide and download link in below. BEFORE WE START The official version of NFS Most Wanted with update 1.3 is required! […]

2 mins read

Kena: Bridge of Spirits on Steam Deck with the new Anniversary update – review, best settings, performance guide [+ improved anti-aliasing guide]

Kena: Bridge of Spirits has finally arrived on the Steam Store with a major “Anniversary” update. The game unexpectedly turned out to be one of the best titles of last year, offering beautiful graphics and fun gameplay that drew inspiration from series such as The Legend of Zelda or Pikmin. What has changed, and is […]

4 mins read

[Updated Guide] The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD on Steam Deck with YUZU emulator – slowdowns fix, best performance settings

I will show you how to achieve the best performance in The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD on Steam Deck using the YUZU emulator. Unfortunately, regardless of the settings, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD can’t run at a completely stable 60FPS on Steam Deck. The game has a built-in double-buffered Vsync, so […]

5 mins read

Thymesia on Steam Deck – Performance guide with optimized graphics settings and crash fix

Thymesia is a new addition to the Soulsborne genre that is surprisingly solid. A very fast and enjoyable combat system, high level of difficulty, gothic atmosphere and quite interesting environment design are the biggest advantages of this production. As for story, our protagonist is trying to recover his memories, while a deadly plague is spreading […]

3 mins read

Age of Darkness: Final Stand – new update, much better performance on Steam Deck – best settings guide

Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a very intense hybrid of city builder, tower defense, survival and real-time strategy. The game debuted in early access a few months ago and is growing solidly with each update. Although the single-player campaign is not yet available, the sandbox mode provides hours of fun. By “fun” I mean […]

2 mins read

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD on Steam Deck with Cemu Emulator – best settings guide

If you can’t wait for the (unconfirmed) re-release of The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD on Nintendo Switch then I recommend playing it on Steam Deck with Cemu. The WiiU game works fantastic. Great performance (stable 30FPS) with very nice graphic. Stuttering related to shader cache is practically non-existent when Async is enabled. Let’s […]

2 mins read