In-Depth Review of Shadow of the Depth

Shadow of the Depth is an enthralling roguelite adventure that takes the classic dungeon crawler and infuses it with a distinctive artistic flair. Developed by ChillyRoom, this game challenges players to navigate a series of dark, evolving dungeons from a top-down perspective. Its unique combination of hack-and-slash combat, intricate character development, and hand-drawn visuals creates a rich, immersive experience​.

Gameplay Mechanics

At its core, Shadow of the Depth is about exploration and survival in a randomly generated environment that shifts with each playthrough. Players choose from five diverse characters, each with unique abilities and tactical advantages, to tackle the game’s challenges. The gameplay is heavily centered on combat and character progression, with a vast array of skills and equipment upgrades available through a detailed leveling system.

The game’s world is divided into distinct areas, each themed around different aspects of darkness and light, which not only affect the visual style but also the types of enemies and obstacles players will encounter. This dynamic design keeps the gameplay fresh and requires players to continuously adapt their strategies​ .

Combat System

The combat in Shadow of the Depth is intricate and rewarding, emphasizing player skill and strategic planning. Each character has a unique set of moves and abilities, which can be combined in numerous ways to create powerful combos. This system rewards precision and timing, and with the game’s challenging difficulty level, mastering these combos becomes essential for progression.

For example, Arthur the Warrior excels in close combat and can withstand heavy attacks, making him perfect for front-liners. In contrast, Stephanie the Sorcerer deals in elemental damage, controlling the battlefield from a distance but requiring protection from melee threats​ .

Visuals and Atmosphere

Visually, Shadow of the Depth is striking. The hand-painted graphics give the game a gothic and eerie feel, with a palette that expertly uses contrast to highlight elements in both foreground and background. Dynamic lighting effects further enhance the atmosphere, casting deep shadows that can conceal threats and secrets, adding a layer of suspense and danger to the exploration.

The aesthetic is complemented by a meticulously crafted soundtrack that embodies the game’s theme of light versus dark. The music shifts with the gameplay, intensifying during battles and softening during moments of calm, which enriches the overall immersive experience​ ​.


Playing Shadow of the Depth is a deeply engaging experience. The game’s challenging nature and the necessity to adapt quickly to ever-changing dungeons offer a rewarding experience that feels personal and exciting. Each session can unfold in vastly different ways depending on choices and character development, which greatly enhances its replay value.

ChillyRoom has been proactive in involving the community in the game’s development, using feedback from Early Access players to refine gameplay elements and introduce new features.


In comparison to other roguelite titles in the genre, Shadow of the Depth distinguishes itself through its meticulous attention to detail in both visual design and gameplay mechanics. The hand-painted art style sets it apart from many contemporaries, infusing each environment with an aura of mystery and foreboding. Furthermore, its emphasis on strategic combat and skill mastery offers a level of depth that stands out amidst similar offerings in the market.

The game’s ability to strike a balance between challenge and reward sets it apart from traditional roguelites while still appealing to enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline-fueled experience.

Shadow of the Depth offers a compelling blend of traditional roguelike mechanics with innovative artistic and gameplay elements. Its challenging combat, unique visual style, and the ever-changing nature of its dungeons make it a standout title in the genre. The game is not only a testament to ChillyRoom’s creative vision but also an example of how player feedback can shape a game’s development for the better. As it moves towards its full release, it continues to promise more features, deeper gameplay mechanics, and expansive worlds to explore, making it a highly anticipated game for fans of the roguelite genre.

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