Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on Steam Deck with YUZU Emulator – best performance settings and improved graphics

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is one of the best jRPG games ever made. A fantastically created world with great characters and an engaging storyline polished by beautiful music. Unfortunately, the game was never officialy published outside of Nintendo consoles. Thanks to the Yuzu emulator, you can enjoy this game today even on Steam Deck with very fine performance. Additionally, using my mod you can make visuals better than on the Nintendo Switch. Let’s start with a guide.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on Steam Deck without precached shaders.
Improved antialiasing and optimized settings.

I. How to install Yuzu Emulator on Steam Deck

First, go to Desktop Mode. Now you have a lot of options, but I personally recommend the EmuDeck script – it’s a collection of emulators along with pre-defined settings. How to install EmuDeck: https://greatondeck.net/emulation-on-steam-deck-with-emudeck-complete-guide/

You can also download Yuzu directly from Discovery, but this is an option for advanced users.

I have installed EmuDeck on a memory card, so in my case Yuzu launcher can be found here: /run/media/mmcblk0p1/Emulation/tools/launchers/Yuzu.sh

In order to legally use the Yuzu emulator you need to dump from your Nintendo Switch:
– Prod.Keys and Title Keys
– Nintendo Switch Firmware

You need to put those files in your (your emudeck location)/Emulation/bios/Yuzu/keys and firmware folders.

II. Install Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on Steam Deck

Dump your Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition and put file in (your emudeck location)//Emulation/Roms/Switch folder.

Run Steam Rom Manager to create shortcut to the game and Yuzu Emulator in your Steam Library.

When you are ready, go back to Gaming Mode and launch the game – you will find it in the Library in the Non-Steam category. If everything is OK close the game and go back to Desktop Mode.

Run Yuzu from (your emudeck location)/Emulation/tools/launchers/Yuzu.sh

I recommend installing the 1.1.2 game patch – Go to Yuzu>File>Install Files to NAND.

III. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition – performance and graphic settings

By default, Yuzu is configured by EmuDeck to run at 50% resolution using built-in AMD FidelityFX. The image quality drops dramatically and Steam Deck is able to deliver a fairly stable 30FPS in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition at native resolution (720p with dynamic scaling to 70%) without much trouble.

You should see Xenoblade on the Game List. Hold Steam button and using right touchpad click with L2 on game and with R2 choose “Properties”.

Go to Graphics tab and change Resolution to 1x (720x1080p) and Window Adapting Filter to Bilinear. I do not recommend changing anything else.

Make sure everything looks like it does to me.

IV. Better antialiasing and improved sharpening mod

I recommend you to install my modification that improves graphics quality without decrease in game performance. The biggest change is better temporal antialiasing with improved sharpening – graphics are not only clearer, but in addition sharpening artifacts are reduced.

Download and extract mod. Open Mod Data Location and paste “CustomConfig” folder here. Done!

You can return to Gaming Mode and start the game. It should run at a fairly steady 30FPS with a little stutter caused by shader cache compilation. For best framepacing use Steam’s 60Hz/30FPS limiter – input lag is a little higher, but frametimes much better. Now Xenoblade DE looks noticeably better than on Nintendo Switch in handled mode with more than 2h battery life.

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  1. hey, thank you for this, are you playing the game in docked or undocked mod ? thanks

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