Witchfire – Steam Deck Review

Witchfire, developed and published by The Astronauts, is a game that has garnered attention from both critics and players alike. Drawing some inspiration from the team’s previous works like Painkiller and Bulletstorm, Witchfire is a dark-fantasy, souls-like first-person shooter with rogue-like elements.

Set in a hauntingly beautiful dark-fantasy realm, Witchfire immerses players in a world where magic and firearms coexist. The landscapes are both eerie and captivating, with environments that range from desolate coastlines to foreboding castles. Every corner of the game seems to tell a story, and the atmospheric sound design further enhances the immersion.

Gameplay and Mechanics

At its core, Witchfire places players in the shoes of a witch hunter, known as the preyer, on a mission to find the witch of the Black Sea and eliminate her phantom army. The game starts with the player wielding a hand-cannon named “Hunger”, designed for close-range combat. As players progress, they encounter various challenges, including the game’s rogue-like nature that ensures players will face death multiple times.

Defeating enemies and collecting chests throughout the game rewards players with “witchfire”, which can be used to level up the preyer. Upgrades include enhancements to health, stamina, spell recharge rate, and more. However, as players level up, the game’s difficulty scales, introducing tougher enemies and more traps.

Weapons, spells, and other equipment can be upgraded, providing players with a sense of progression and achievement. The game currently offers two maps in its Early Access release: Scarlet Coast and Irongate Castle, with more levels anticipated in the future.

Graphics and Performance

Witchfire boasts impressive graphics and animations, especially considering it’s developed by a small team of just twelve developers. The game’s dark-fantasy setting is beautifully rendered, and the attention to detail, from the environment to the character animations, is commendable.

Witchfire has solid fundaments

From the moment I stepped into the world of Witchfire, I was hooked. The game’s challenging nature, rather than being a deterrent, became an incentive to push forward. Each death taught me something new, and with every respawn, I felt better equipped to face the challenges ahead.

The game’s aesthetics are a visual treat. The dark-fantasy setting, combined with the meticulously designed environments, made exploration as enjoyable as combat. The sound design, from the eerie ambient noises to the booming gunfire, further added to the immersion.

However, what truly stood out to me was the sense of progression. The game doesn’t just reward players with new weapons and abilities but also scales the challenges accordingly. This ensures that even as I became more powerful, the game never felt too easy.

In conclusion, Witchfire is a game that offers a rich and rewarding experience. It’s challenging, beautiful, and immensely satisfying. Whether you’re a fan of shooters, dark-fantasy games, or just looking for a unique gaming experience, Witchfire is a must-try.

Witchfire on Steam Deck

Witchfire works seamlessly on Steam Deck when installing Epic Games Store as a non-Steam game or with the help of the Non Steam Launchers script. The game has full gamepad support, a readable UI, and cloud saves. In terms of performance, it’s also solid:

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