Uragun on Steam Deck – Performance test

Uragun is a new indie game in the top-down shooter genre. Mech, fairly high difficulty, hordes of enemies and some bullet hell mechanics are the perfect combination for Steam Deck. The game launches with no problems and automatically detects the controller.

Uragun has simple, but attractive and full of special effects visuals. Unfortunately, early access does not offer advanced graphics options, as we can only choose the resolution.

On Steam Deck, 60FPS is not achievable even on low resolution. We are severely limited by CPU performance, so it’s worth playing at 800p.

We have two options:

  1. 40Hz with 40FPS lock – most of the game runs stabey, it can slow down a bit to ~35FPS in big battles
  2. 60Hz with 30FPS – very stable FPS, good framepacing, slightly worse input lag

I recommend 60Hz/30FPS until advanced graphics options will be available.

Uragun on Steam Deck is already very playable – titles like this plays well on mobile hardware. It has a lot of charm and playability despite its early access.

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Uragun on Steam Deck – game is pretty playable and looks good

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