AMD FSR 2.0 is a godsend for Steam Deck – Dying Light 2 Optimized Settings

I can’t believe how good Dying Light 2 looks on the Steam Deck’s small screen, and at a 755×472 resolution! All thanks to the AMD FSR 2.0 added in the latest update. Balanced mode is a godsend for good performance and nice visuals. In the video, you will find a ‘benchmark’ showing on optimized settings.

In the latest update, we have new color grading options that are trying to bring the game’s color scheme closer to that of E3. The whole setting may be much darker and gritty. Unfortunately, my impressions are quite negative – the contrast is very badly balanced. Of course, you should try it yourself and judge, it does not affect the performance.

I’ve noticed that the game has the best frame pacing when full screen is enabled, V-Sync is disabled and SteamOS is set to 40 Hz along with a 40 FPS limit. Input lag also appears to be lower in this configuration.

The new AMD FSR 2.0 in balanced mode allows you to enjoy a solid frame rate with very decent image clarity. Unfortunately, I have the impression that the sharpness slider does not work at all – it does not matter whether on 0 or 100% the game looks identical to me.

Most details do not greatly impact performance, so if you want better battery life, I recommend setting the lock to 30 FPS. The most important thing is to run the game in DX12 mode with ASync enabled.

I recommend that you keep the LOD settings high because at low settings the draw distance is very poor and you can see buildings appearing in the distance. Performance is most affected by ambient occlusion and fog – it is not worth setting them above low.

Below are optimized settings that work very well for me:

If you will have problems with the game crashing then change the texture quality to medium. Rolf from YouTube pointed out to me that the problem can occur in some situations due to exceeding the available RAM.

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