Rune Factory 5 on Steam Deck – performance preview, best settings, pre-rendered cutscene fix

Rune Factory 5 debuted today on Steam. How is the quality of the port from the Nintendo Switch console and how Rune Factory 5 works on Steam Deck? Not so great, sadly.

First, the game has prerendered cut-scenes that don’t work properly at default settings. The fix is really simple – make sure you use Proton Experimental and everything will be rendered correctly.
EDIT: While trying to fix gamepad detection, I tested different versions of Proton and in the end it was GE-Proton 2-24 that fixed the cut scenes – sorry for the confusion with the Experimental version. To use GE-Proton go to Desktop Mode and download the “ProtonUp-Qt” application in Discovery. Run app and add lastest version of GE-Proton to Steam. Go back to Gaming mode and in compatibility tab of Rune Factory 5 set “Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool” to GE-Proton 7-24.

Second – the game does not display the controller buttons and I have not been able to fix this in any way. There is a “Button Display” option in the settings, but it just don’t work. I tried changing the default layout to gamepad, but after that the controls completely stopped working.

New info from Steam Deck Reddit user Speactra: Link

And what about performance? Not good, not terrible. If you want just look at the gameplay below. There are some stutters and very strange frametime issues.

Rune Factory 5 on Steam Deck – recorded live stream with performance preview

My recommended settings:

Resolution: 1280×800
Windowed Mode: Fulscreen
Framerate: 60 with V-Sync (don’t use SteamOS framerate limiter for less input lag)
AntiAliasing: 2x (It’s MSAA, so performance drop is heavy and game is still very jaggy)
Texture Resolution: Standard (It’s not worth to downgrade it, textures are really bad even at this setting)
Shadow Resolution: High
Shadow Quality: Smooth
Shadow Distance: Default
Drawning Distance: Long (still huge pop-in issues)
Post effects: Personal preference
Dynamic Hair/Clothes: On

I really don’t like the controls in this game – is inconvenient, plus guessing what key is responsible for what should not happen in this extra low quality port. Performance is acceptable, but with such a poor graphic it should be much better.

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