New curated games on Steam Deck: Immortality, Tinykin and Tormented Souls

I am starting a new series of articles with a brief overview of the games I have verified on Steam Deck as a curator. Today I’ll take a look at Immortality, Tinykin and Tormented Souls on Steam Deck.

Immortality on Steam Deck

Immortality is an interactive movie video game created by Sam Barlo who is most famous for his award-winning production Her Story. Immortality has achieved extremely high ratings in the gaming media, which has caught my attention. I’ve spent 3 hours with the “game” so far, and I’m as intrigued as ever about how the story will go on. The production draws you in, but I am not yet able to evaluate it as a whole.

How does Immortality work on Steam Deck? Excellent! There are no graphic settings except for the quality of the movies, and these work fine even at the highest quality. Unfortunately, there is no option to download only compressed videos, so the game takes up more than 26GB on disk. There is full gamepad support and a very clear UI. The game runs properly on the default Proton 7.0.4.

Immortality on Steam Deck

Tinykin on Steam Deck

Isn’t this the most Nintendo-ish game of the year? An extremely enjoyable platformer with beautiful colorful visuals that takes inspiration from the popular Pikmin series.

How does Tinykin work on Steam Deck? The game runs on the default Proton 7.0.4 with no problems. Performance is very decent, however, even after lowering the details I was not able to remove the slight stuttering. Tinykin sometimes generates frame drops to about 50FPS, but this does not disturb the gameplay very much and the game is very playable.
With this performance fix, I have a stable 60FPS and stuttering is almost non-existent: [LINK].

Tinykin on Steam Deck – first 20 minutes of gameplay

Tormented Souls on Steam Deck

Although it is not an outstanding production, it has its own charm. The gameplay in Tormented Souls is reminiscent of classic survival horror games such as Silent Hill or, above all, Resident Evil. The visuals are quite good, but the gameplay has been transferred straight from the early 21st century. I won’t say, I would play a high-budget production in this style, however, there is nothing in sight (well, we’ll see what comes out of the new Alone in the Dark).

Torment Souls has unsupported status due to problems with pre-rendered videos on Steam Deck. Fortunately, the developers of ProtonGE have solved this problem and on the latest version (7-31) the videos work perfectly. The game runs normally at around 50FPS on high graphics settings, but later in the game performance drops to around 40, so I recommend playing at 40Hz.

Tormented Souls on Steam Deck – first 20 minutes of gameplay

How to install GEProton?

To use GE-Proton go to Desktop Mode and download the “ProtonUp-Qt” application in Discovery. Run app and add 7-31 version of GE-Proton to Steam. Go back to Gaming mode and in compatibility tab of Tormented Souls set “Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool” to GE-Proton 7-31.

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