POSTAL: Brain Damaged on Steam Deck

Retro shooter POSTAL: Brain Damaged is a spin-off of one of the craziest FPS series.. Full of fast paced action, absurd humor and violence. How It’s working on Steam Deck?

Good news – the game launches without any problems with 40FPS+ and detects the controller correctly. Bad news – this is another Unity Engine title where cut-scenes don’t work. Fortunately, Postal: Brain Damaged doesn’t stand on plot, but on action :).

The game has no advanced graphics settings – only resolution and antialiasing can be changed. The CPU power is lacking, so framerate dips below 60FPS pretty heavily.

I recommend setting 45Hz/45FPS limit – performance is very stable and FPS rarely drops. There are no issues with framepaing or responsive controls (don’t turn on V-Sync).

POSTAL: Brain Damaged on Steam Deck

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