Uragun on Steam Deck – Performance test

Uragun is a new indie game in the top-down shooter genre. Mech, fairly high difficulty, hordes of enemies and some bullet hell mechanics are the perfect combination for Steam Deck. The game launches with no problems and automatically detects the controller. Uragun has simple, but attractive and full of special effects visuals. Unfortunately, early access […]

1 min read

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD on Steam Deck with Cemu Emulator – best settings guide

If you can’t wait for the (unconfirmed) re-release of The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD on Nintendo Switch then I recommend playing it on Steam Deck with Cemu. The WiiU game works fantastic. Great performance (stable 30FPS) with very nice graphic. Stuttering related to shader cache is practically non-existent when Async is enabled. Let’s […]

2 mins read

Moonlighter on Steam Deck

Moonlighter on Steam Deck works very well. There are no performance issues at all. Pixel art looks great on a small screen and guarantees very good battery life. The only problem I’ve noticed is the somewhat small UI. The game is fully playable, however the HUD scaling option is missing.The controls work fine right from […]

1 min read