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New curated games on Steam Deck: Trail out, The Death – Than Trung and Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2
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Steam Deck review: Sunday Gold – A strange mix of point and click adventure and turn-based combat

Sunday Gold on paper is one of the most interesting hybrids of recent years – combining the gameplay of point-and-click adventure games with turn-based battles …

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AMD FSR 2.1 mod works great in Spider-Man Remastered on Steam Deck

AMD FSR 2 recently received an update that noticeably improves the quality of the visuals in motion, reducing ghosting and other artifacts resulting from this …

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Emulation on Steam Deck with EmuDeck – complete installation guide

Emulation on Steam Deck has never been easier. EmuDeck is a comprehensive script that will allow you to almost automatically install and configure the most …

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Gloomwood on Steam Deck – Overview – Optimized settings, stuttering fix and controller layout

Today is a holiday for the biggest fans of the Thief series, as their spiritual successor – Gloomwood – has just debuted in Steam Early …

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Potentially universal stuttering and performance fix for Unity Engine games on Steam Deck

An interesting thing that turned out to be a gamechanger – a potentially universal stuttering and performance fix for Unity Engine games on Steam Deck. …

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New curated games on Steam Deck: Immortality, Tinykin and Tormented Souls

I am starting a new series of articles with a brief overview of the games I have verified on Steam Deck as a curator. Today …

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Logan Strikes Back – a new update with performance improvements and story content of My Time at Sandrock on Steam Deck

Logan Strikes Back – a new free update for My Time at Sandrock has just debuted on Steam offering plenty of story content and significant …

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You can play Immortal: Fenix Rising natively on Steam Deck if you have Xbox Game Pass! (PC/Ultimate)

Immortal: Fenix Rising just debuted on Xbox Game Pass and is one of the few titles from this rich library that can be launched natively …

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AMD FSR 2.0 is a godsend for Steam Deck – Dying Light 2 Optimized Settings

I can’t believe how good Dying Light 2 looks on the Steam Deck’s small screen, and at a 755×472 resolution! All thanks to the AMD …

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Batman Arkham Knight on Steam Deck – console quality graphics in your pocket. Optimized graphics settings.

Surprisingly, Batman Arkham Knight has a non-compatible status on Steam Deck, although the game runs very solid. The game provides a very stable framerate and …

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