Need for Speed: Underground 2 on Steam Deck with ready to play graphics overhaul mod pack

I have compiled a selection of mods for Need for Speed Underground 2 ready for installation on Steam Deck. They significantly improve the visuals, add widescreen and gamepad support, while being very vanilla-friendly. Full guide and download link in below.


To get the game working properly, you need ‘clean’ files OF Need For Speed: Underground 2 INCLUDING 1.2 update. I recommend that you install the game on Windows, and then move the folder with all the contents to the Steam Deck’s HDD or to a memory card.


I. Download Need for Speed Undeground 2 Steam Deck Ready mod pack and extract it to folder with game files.

II. When asked, overwrite all files.

III. Add NFS_Underground 2.exe as non-steam game.

IV. In Steam Deck Gaming mode, find NFS_Underground 2.exe in the library under non-steam games.

V. Force the game to run with Proton. I recommend the latest ProtonGE, as there is a problem with anisotropic filtering on the regular one.

VI. Add launch command: WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”dinput8=n,b” %command%

VII. Start the game. The game hangs on the black screen for about a minute, patiently wait.

Disable Light Glow or Light Trails to fix bright pixels.

As for the controls, I thought it was stored in memcards, but it saves in the "save" directory. In the game's options menu you can easily customize it for yourself. In Carbon and Most Wanted there is a better script available that works automatically.


1. Widescreen Fix:

2. NFSU2ExtraOptions

3. NFSU2HDReflections

4. NFSU2HUDResizer

5. NFSUnderground2.XboxRainDroplets

6. Last Breath Final Version – only texture pack

7. TexMod Silent

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  1. Thank yooou. After three hours it finaly works. Though the load up at start is a bit annoying, but still. Thanks a lot.

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