My time at Sandrock on Steam Deck – performance preview

Beta verson of My Time at Sandrock performed below expectations on Steam Deck – gamepad didn’t work, frame rate often dropped to critical values. Today is the early access release and unfortunately the game is still barely playable. The controls have been fixed in today’s update, but performance still leaves a lot to be desired.

First of all – regardless of the visual settings, you can’t achieve stable 30FPS even at extremely low resolutions. It looks like we are limited by the CPU, but its usage is never very high.

FPS can drop to 20 in certain situations. This sounds dramatic, but the problem is not that big – usually the game reaches a fairly stabile 30FPS. The town skyline view is the most demanding image in the game. My time at Sandroock is playable on Steam Deck, but the performance is below all expectations.

I don’t recommend playing on the lowest settings because the game looks awful. In the video below you will find graphic preset which makes My Time at Sandrock looks decent, and performance is no different.

Hopefully, as the game improves, the performance of My Time at Sandrock on Steam Deck will be much better. The visuals are nice, but simple – the game should perform much better.

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