Logan Strikes Back – a new update with performance improvements and story content of My Time at Sandrock on Steam Deck

Logan Strikes Back – a new free update for My Time at Sandrock has just debuted on Steam offering plenty of story content and significant performance improvements.

The game now runs on Steam Deck definitely better. Although it’s still hard to achieve a stable 30FPS+, you can play at much better graphics settings. A fairly stable 40FPS is also achievable, but it requires a significant reduction in graphical details – the game looks very flat as a result, and everything is drawn in front of our eyes. The 30FPS runs surprisingly smoothly here and has low input lag. In addition, the game does not require precision, so for me, a better atmosphere is more important here than a slightly better fluidity of gameplay. Of course, check for yourself and play as you like.

My Times at Sandrock on Steam Deck. My settings included.

Previously, only on the lowest settings performance was acceptable, but now the game can look much nicer and runs more stable with better battery life.

When the Early Access program for My Time at Sandrock ends, I will prepare content with the best graphics settings for Steam Deck. There is a good chance that performance will still improve in the future.

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