MADSHOT – early access preview on Steam Deck

MADSHOT is a roguelite 2D twin-stick shooter, recently released on Steam in Early Access. It looks quite interesting and provides a lot of fun with its very dynamic and challenging gameplay.

In your quest for immortality, you opened the gates to a westlands of darkness full of magic and things incomprehensible to the mind. Traversing level after level, you fight against hostile creatures to face Cthulhu himself at the end. The story is simple, but MADSHOT defends itself with gameplay.

MADSHOT on Steam Deck

MADSHOT is a typical roguelite that stands out for its interesting design and acrobatic gameplay. The key to survival here is dodging, shooting, backflips and jumping. In each run you traverse procedurally generated (with handcraft touch) leves full of a variety of creatures with unique abilities. Death is painful here and you lose everything except for aether – material used for mutation enhancement.

The gameplay is very challenging and successive traversing of similar levels can be a bit monotonous. As you progress in upgrading your equipment, MADSHOT gains momentum and becomes a very addictive rogue-lite gem. The game still has a long way until full release, so it will probably only get better and better in the future.

How MADSHOT works on Steam Deck?

The game launches without any problems on Proton 7.0.3. The default controller layout is assigned to Keyboard and Mouse, but MADSHOT supports gamepad and all you need to do is select “Gamepad With Joystick Trackpad” template in the Steam settings.

The game runs on High at 1280×800 and provides almost stable 60FPS – there are minor stutters regardless of the settings.

MADSHOT – example of small stutter on graph
YouTube player
Official MADSHOT trailer

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