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Loopmancer on Steam Deck – optimized settings, reduced stuttering, C++ launch error fix

Loopmancer was one of my favorite demos at the recent Steam Summer Fest. Dynamic action, nice graphic and cyberpunk style are the biggest strengths of this production.

The gameplay itself is very pleasant roguelite with a different difficulty levels – it can be a simple and enjoyable platformer, as well as a hardcore title for top players.

Loopmancer on Steam Deck with optimized settings

I love the graphical style, although the performance leaves a little to be desired. After lowering the details, Loopmancer works at pretty stable 40FPS on Steam Deck and still looks nice. I have created a tutorial with optimized graphics settings for Steam Deck and I will also show you how to reduce 40FPS lag caused by SteamOS frame limiter.

I. How to fix C++ launch error in Loopmancer on Steam Deck

To fix C++ launch error use compatibility layer with Proton Experimental.

II. Target Framerate

60 FPS – stable framerate is not possible even on lowest settings

50 FPS – still huge drops at lowest settings even on extra low resolution

40 FPS – nice sweet spot, most of the game works at pretty stable framerate with Quality FSR/NIS – in larger arenas and in intense combat, the game does not maintain 40FPS and it is not possible to avoid it

III. Loopmancer Optimized Settings – 40FPS
  • Display Resolution: 1280×800
  • VSync: On
  • Framerate Cap: 60 (set 40Hz refresh rate in SteamOS without frame limiter)
  • Overall: Customize
  • Visual Effect: Medium
  • Shadow: Medium
  • Texture: Medium
  • Anti-Aliasing: High (TAA)
  • Post Processing: Medium
  • Motion Blur: On or Off – personal choice
  • FSR: Quality
IV. Resolution Scalling Quality Comparison

This game has 3 native options to scale resolution.

DLSS – It’s obviously not available on Steam Deck

AMD FSR 1.0 – looks OK at Quality preset

Nvidia NIS – more blurry, but not that bad in motionon small screen, but has minor transparency issues. Performance hit is minimal compared to NIS and FSR.

V. How to reduce lag in Loopmancer

To reduce lag in 40hz mode run this game with command: MANGOHUD_CONFIG=fps_limit=40,no_display mangohud %command%

This metod was found by “Jademalo” user from Reddit. More info HERE.

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