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In the vast realm of gaming, “GORD” emerges as a title that attempts to blend the genres of role-playing, real-time strategy, and colony simulation. Set against the backdrop of a perpetually dark fantasy world, the game promises a rich tapestry of narrative and gameplay elements. This review delves into the various facets of “GORD” to provide a holistic understanding of its offerings.

At the heart of “GORD” lies a world shrouded in darkness, where monsters are not just myths but real threats lurking at the periphery of human settlements. The narrative is set in motion with a kingdom’s ambition to expand its dominion from the south to the monster-infested north. As a delegate of this southern kingdom, players are entrusted with the mission of forging alliances with northern tribes and establishing fortified outposts, known as gords.

They have momentum, but nothing here works as it should

The game ambitiously promises a plethora of choices, from strategic building decisions to intense combat scenarios and emergent story arcs. However, the implementation of these elements appears to be somewhat rudimentary, lacking the depth one might anticipate. Additionaly, the handling of the whole building aspect is nightmarish and unintuitive. It tires more than it pleases.

The battlefield in “GORD” is a canvas for real-time strategy, where players marshal forces comprising axemen, archers, and spearmen. While the foundational mechanics are in place, the game seems to miss the mark in delivering a layered strategic experience. Encounters, especially with the game’s larger adversaries, often boil down to basic unit management, lacking the intricate tactics seen in genre stalwarts. The combat gets boring very quickly and also lacks any depth. It lacks interesting skills and dynamism of gameplay. Due to its shallowness, no strategic approach can be applied here.

Is it worth playing for the story and atmosphere in GORD?

Aesthetically, “GORD” adopts a realistic visual palette, though it occasionally suffers from clutter, making in-game elements challenging to discern. The user interface, a crucial component for any strategy game, has garnered criticism for its lack of intuitiveness. Character management, in particular, feels cumbersome, with vital information spread across screen.

While “GORD” sets the stage with a captivating world premise rooted in Slavic-inspired dark fantasy motifs, the narrative execution appears to be its Achilles’ heel. The storytelling, especially as conveyed through the game’s lore journal, lacks the gravitas and memorability one would expect from a title of its genre. A point of contention in “GORD” is its portrayal of mature themes, notably child sacrifices. While games often tread into dark territories to enhance narrative depth, the execution in “GORD” is unemotional and cheap.

“GORD” is an ambitious endeavor that seeks to meld multiple gaming genres into a cohesive experience. While its world-building and foundational mechanics seems to be interesting, the game seems to grapple with delivering on its lofty promises. For aficionados of deep colony simulations or intricate real-time strategies, “GORD” might fall short of expectations. However, for those intrigued by its unique setting and narrative premise, it could offer a decent gaming experience.

GORD on Steam Deck – The Best Settings

GORD has an unsupported status on Steam Deck, but ultimately the game runs decently. Not all subtitles are perfectly legible, but there are no major problems with the interface. The game has gamepad support, but the controls are not entirely intuitive.

To make GORD run on Steam Deck, force Proton Experimental. As for performance, you can count on 40FPS with some dips and stuttering. It’s far from perfect but playable. Even when locked at 30FPS there are some clipping, so I recommend playing at 40.

My 40 FPS Preset:
Resolution: 1280×800
Max Frame Rate: Unlimited
VSync: On
Graphics Quality: Custom
Texture Quality: High
Shadow Quality: Low
Shading Quality: Low
Foliage Quality: Medium
Postprocess Quality: Medium
Visual Effects Quality: Low
LOD Quality: Low
Rainfall & Snowfall: Off
Mist: Off
Upscaling: AMD FSR 2 – Quality
SteamOS Refesh Rate: 40Hz
SteamOS FPS Limiter: Off

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