Ghostwire: Tokyo should not have a “playable” status on Steam Deck

According to Valve’s claim, Ghostwire: Tokyo should run properly on the default settings on Steam Deck, but regardless of the graphics presets, it is impossible to achieve stable performance even at 30FPS. The game is plagued by strong stuttering and it drops to 22-25FPS at the absolute lowest details.

Low Settings, TSR balanced

I tried to run the game with the -dx11 command, but Ghostwire: Tokyo does not load on Steam Deck. On PC, the overall performance in DirectX 11 is definitely weaker, but the game has less stutters. I suspect that even if it did manage to run it, performance would be even weaker on Steam Deck.

Lowest settings, AMD FSR 2.0 ultra performance

In addition, I tested performance-boosting tweaks on Steam Deck from CryoByte33 and changed the VRAM value in the bios, but in this case, I did not notice any performance improvement.

Ghostwire: Tokyo would be reasonably playable despite the frame drops, but the input lag at a low framerate is incredibly high and makes aiming extremely difficult.

In my opinion, the game does not meet the lowest standards and I am unable to rate it positively on Steam Deck.

Lowest settings, TSR performance

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