Cyberpunk 2077 has finally received official support for AMD FSR 2. How does it work on Steam Deck?

It took us a long time to wait for the official update to Cyberpunk 2077 adding support for AMD FSR 2, but it has finally been released. The mod created by players significantly improved the visuals when scaling the resolution, but the native tool provides even better image quality and doesn’t need any tinkering.

See for yourself how Cyberpunk 2077 now runs and looks on Steam Deck with AMD FSR 2 in balanced mode:

Unfortunately, 40FPS is still unattainable due primarily to CPU limitations in Steam Deck, but at 30FPS the game runs and looks very solid. With details set between medium and high, there are almost no frame drops below 30 and gameplay is very responsive.

During testing, I noticed that frametime is very uneven when using the game’s built-in FPS limiter. Cyberpunk 2077 definitely runs better on Steam Deck when set to 30FPS in SteamOS, the lag is negligible.

In addition, I do not recommend high quality textures because they generate a lot of stuttering when driving in the city – on medium settings, the game runs much better.

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