Batman Arkham Knight on Steam Deck – console quality graphics in your pocket. Optimized graphics settings.

Surprisingly, Batman Arkham Knight has a non-compatible status on Steam Deck, although the game runs very solid. The game provides a very stable framerate and beautiful visuals that still manage to impress despite the years. Below you will find the optimal graphics settings.

Gameplay with optimized graphics settings

Arkham Knight runs very solid on the settings mentioned in the video and usually consumes 15-20W of power; if you want better battery life you can lower the settings – this game looks good even on low quality preset.

Postprocessing effects are optional and have a very subtle performance impact – I like antialiasing and motion blur in this game, but I hate chromatic aberration and film grain.

Steam Deck cannot maintain a stable 40FPS in Batman Arkham Knight regardless of graphics settings.

For best performance please don’t use in-game FPS limiter and VSync to avoid problems with very bad frame pacing.

If you have any questions feel free to comment!

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